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Minneapolis Garage Doors | A puck made my one piece garage door it’s home

If you were a kid, at some point, you probably broke a garage door (or window).  If you are a parent, you probably have a kid that broke a garage door (or window).  It happens–  Garage doors make excellent backstops for hockey, baseball, football, etc.  What is really unfortunate, though, is that now you have a puck lodged in your garage door.  Lucky for you, there exists a service specifically meant to take care of these issues–  It’s called a “garage door section replacement,” and it’s where we can fix just the affected area instead of dealing with a much larger service like the garage door replacement.

And even luckier for you, it’s something we offer!

Minneapolis Garage Doors | Which type of opener?

If you are installing a new garage door you might wonder which type of opener is the right kind for your particular situation. There are different factors that determine which type of opener you should have installed in your garage. The first thing to take into consideration is what type of structure it is that you are installing the opener on. If it is a commercial garage door you might end up with a screw drive opener that can lift heavier doors. If it is a residential garage door then you will want either a belt drive or a chain drive, but we would highly recommend a belt drive. Give us a call and we can send someone out to go over all of the different openers available and help you decide which one is right.

Minneapolis Garage Doors | It’s 2 AM and my garage door broke. What now?

We’ve heard this many times before–  People don’t know what to do when they get home very late and their garage door decides to go kaput at 2 in the morning.  The question most have is, what do I do?

Well, it depends.  Do you know the number to a reputable, experienced garage door repair company that offers service 24 hours a day so that you and your garage door never go unprotected?  Or do you normally go with a garage door company that doesn’t really do a whole lot, and doesn’t have your best interests in mind.

That really determines you course of action.  I’ll bet you can tell which we are!

Minneapolis Garage Doors | What if I need more vertical clearance?

There are many homeowners out there that have a serious space issue–  They need more space in their garage.  Actually, ideally, they would get a second garage, with a beautiful garage door, to house their cars, or other fun stuff.

Of course, for most people, that is not an option, so how do we make your garage door more spacious?

Well, there’s a lot of wasted room in terms of vertical space, but there’s typically a garage door opener in the way.

. . .  So you can install a jackshaft garage door opener that mounts to the side wall of your garage so that you have more vertical clearance.  Now, you can build upward, and the ceiling is the limit, rather than that pesky garage door opener!

Minneapolis Garage Doors | I think I heard my garage door growl

Growl?  That’s a fun way of putting it.

We’ve all had to deal with various parts of our everyday lives making sounds they’re not supposed to, and in most cases, this is not a good thing.

. . .  Come to think of it, I don’t think it’s ever a good things, because this typically means that whatever is making the noise is on the verge of failure.  In the case of your garage door, it could be your hardware, opener, springs, etc.  This is bad because what usually starts as this strange noise is a much less crazy service, but it can easily turn into a monster.

Which is why, if your garage door growls, call in the garage door tamers at Minneapolis Garage Doors!

Minneapolis Garage Doors | Why choose rolling code technology?

Have you seen the remake of Gone in 60 Seconds starring the great Nicholas Cage?  Well, you may recall a scene where an SUV was stolen from a garage that was hacked by the thieves (who, for some reason, are the heroes in the movie).

Could this sort of thing happen to you?


Unless you choose to have your garage door opener / remote utilize rolling code technology.  This is a sophisticated system where your garage door opener actually updates the code periodically to prevent that sort of theft from happening.

Image if they go to open the garage and nothing happens.  The thieves would be irritated, it would provide some comedy in the movie, but more importantly, that SUV would not have been stolen.

Minneapolis Garage Doors | How to go about a spring replacement

There are two ways to go about replacing a busted garage door spring.

  • The Wrong Way:  Calling some fly by night garage door company that says they “might have the part,” that they “might be able to make it soon,” and that they “might give you an estimate” before performing the service.  They don’t have a website, satisfaction guarantee, and worst of all, they try and take you for a ride.
  • The Right Way:  Calling a professional garage door spring company with decades worth of experience that either has the part or can construct an adapter; can tell you the service starts at $29;  can make it out as soon as possible;  and has your best interests in mind!

Which way will you go when you need garage door spring service?

Minneapolis Garage Doors Business Hours

We operate on one major principle:  We want to be open for you whenever you need us, no matter the day, time, or anything else.

How do we keep strong on this promise?  By staying open 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week!  Not only that, but in addition to always being open, we also commit to always coming out to repair your garage door if we’re able to!  Other garage door companies may tell you they’re busy when they really just don’t want to make the effort, but not us!  Minneapolis Garage Doors never closes, and we will always come out to help you!

Minneapolis Garage Doors | Does your garage door company offer same day service?

For visitors to our site that are not yet customers:  Right now, you’ve probably had to have garage door repairs or service at some point.  The last company you used, for our purposes will be referred to as your garage door company.

So, the last time you had service done, how long was your garage out of comission before it was fixed?  For most people, that’s a long time.

The last time you had service done, how far out did your company schedule you because they didn’t have their act together?  For most people, it’s at least a week.

Wouldn’t you rather go with a company that understands you need garage door repair on your own time?  That’s why, if you want to schedule a week out, we’ll schedule a week out; but if you need us today, we will get their today.  We’re committed to helping you!

Minneapolis Garage Doors | Why do you need a garage door opener?

Minneapolis gets cold.  I’m sure you’re aware of that, especially now with these crazy winter storms all around.

But seriously folks, it gets really cold here, and every so often we come across a customer that needs springs replaced, and we notice they still don’t have a garage door opener.

This is the year 2014, and everyone should have a garage door opener in 2014.  That’s beside the point:  Your body doesn’t need to get exposed to the harsh winter every time you need to get in and out of your garage, right?  Exactly.  So why be the garage door opener, when you can install a garage door opener?

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